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Specializing in: Women's & Children's Health

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"A friend recommended April to my wife after Covid and she helped her work her way back to good health – better than before Covid. Each of our family members – myself, my wife, and two teens – have gone to her for different issues and ailments. From autoimmune disease to viral and bacterial infections, to food sensitivities and more, she has helped each one of us. Now, we order supplements from her monthly and maintain good health. We trust her products and her knowledge and insight, having benefitted from them over the years. Her methods are natural and holistic, which I was a skeptic at first but have seen good results. We now try to stick to natural remedies where possible." ~ Ricardo, Pearland, TX "Such a blessing that my family have come to know april and her family! She is awesome at what she does. Very knowledgeable and worth every penny! My son had a scan done not that long ago and has opened our eyes to what his body was missing. We have only been using the supplements for 2 weeks and already see results! Thank you for everything April!" ~ Lauren, Pearland, TX "My son had a very strong anxiety attack when we arrived to her office: when she told me that she had something that could help us, I had lots of hope. We've already had more than a year with this problem. I thank April Ranard, she acted very quickly. She's so kind, and calmed my son down. With just one EVOX session my son instantly began to feel better. I never thought something like this existed. I feel very grateful and happy to see my son so happy. One session was enough. I definitely recommend it!" ~ Nancy, Houston, TX "I was in and out of my family practitioner for close to three months with no relief. Antibiotic after antibiotic, steroid after steroid, was given with NO relief of a chronic condition. I was then put on other medications to relieve issues that the antibiotics and steroids caused. It was a vicious cycle I thought it would never end. I planned my days around the time frame that my symptoms would be most predominant, so not to have to explain to others. I saw April, and she found the root of the problem. I began taking what she recommended, and within 24 hours my symptoms were gone. I’m very grateful for April; her knowledge, wisdom, patience, friendliness and utmost professionalism far surpasses any experiences I’ve had in the past. Thank you April!” ~ Shelley, Manvel, Texas "After five years of struggling with chronic digestive health issues, I was very fortunate to hear about April Ranard. Over the course of five years, I have seen several doctors and tried various diets and home remedies, but was running out of options which were already not working. By this time, my digestive issues had started to interfere with my daily life. However, the light at the end of the tunnel finally surfaced. All of my struggles ended when I heard about April. As soon as I contacted her, April put me on a program of a structured diet and essential oils. She regularly stayed in touch with me and walked me through the entire process every step of the way. What doctors and various remedies could not solve in over five years, took April a month to do. Because of April, I have now been struggle-free for four years. She is the reason I can now enjoy moments many take for granted - simple pleasures such as dinners with family, birthday parties with friends and barbecues with neighbors. I no longer have to worry about how I will react to a particular food. I can relax and enjoy those special moments in life! Thank you, April Ranard!" ~ Maja, Chicago, IL "My son was having night terrors every night. It was so difficult watching him sleepwalk every night and being so terrified. When I shared it with April, she knew exactly how to cure the problem. He has not had a single night terror since! She has even helped this mama find a way to get better sleep at night. Thank you, April....You saved the day AND the night!" ~ Karen, League City, TX "April has been helping my family's health needs for two years now. It started with my son and has evolved from there! The oils are now our go-to instead of the medicine cabinet. The foot detoxes have helped with viruses, strep, candida, leaky gut, and also to eliminate heavy metals. Our nutrition is more well-rounded and we are much more healthy than before! This short testimony doesn't do justice on all that she has done for us. I've recommended many friends to see her because she is so good at what she does and always seeking to learn more!" ~ Gina, Sante Fe, TX "April has been such a gift to our lives. When my toddler son was fighting chronic ear infections, I went to her for advice. After far too many sleepless nights, painful tears, and agonizing doctor’s visits; April was the one person who finally truly helped him and it changed our lives forever. April provided me with the tools and resources to help my son. She coached me every step of the way. Now, April continues to support my family with safe, effective, and powerful solutions. From teen angst to Molluscum to sleeping; she has been a wealth of knowledge and support. I know that I can rely on her for wisdom and trust her with the well-being of my family. I’ve often wondered what life would be like if she hadn’t come into our lives all those years ago. The encouragement, support, laughter, and healing that she has shared with myself, my family, and my friends is priceless. Best of all, my children have grown up learning everything that April has taught us. The remedies and resources that used to be normal for us are now foreign and my children will grow up knowing better how to care for themselves and their families than did my generation." ~ Valarie, Glade Hills, VA "April has given me so many great recommendations that have resulted in improved health for myself and my family" ~ Dana, League City, TX "My little boy had been battling MRSA ear infections since he was 6 months old. We had tubes put in his ears and been on countless rounds of antibiotics. April was able to get us on the right track and we will be forever grateful! Since his ears have healed he is talking so much and loves to sing! Thank you April!" ~ Heather, Pearland, TX "April is amazing! She is very compassionate about her work! She is extremely positive, beyond helpful, and very knowledgeable in her work! I wish I knew a third of the information she does! I can't tell anyone how many times April has saved us!" THANK YOU, APRIL! Two thumbs up!!! Keep up the hard work!" ~ Amber, Bloomfield, IN "April has been such a great help for my family. Since we met, over a year ago, she has given me amazing advice about my families health. Her holistic approach has been especially vital for my young children, since I try to limit the amount of medicine I give them. She has also given me great counsel as I encountered problems during pregnancy and breast feeding. Not only is her advice sound, her empathy towards my situations makes me always want to turn to her, even before I call the pediatrician". ~ Kate, Houston, TX "April is passionate about helping others. I admire her desire to help others get to the root of their problems & then create a plan to assist them on their journey back to health and wellness. April is personably, so knowledgable & very intune with her clients and their needs. Thanks April for always sharing your knowledge so openly with others and for caring with great kindness!" ~ Carol, Waialua, Hawaii "April is awesome at what she does! I recently got a foot detox treatment from her and immediately felt better, more energized and less stressed! I would recommend her to anyone looking to get a better understanding of their personal health needs" ~ Kendra, Houston, TX "April has been a wonderful resource for me in connecting the dots between what someone is telling me are their health concerns and then me knowing how to make recommendations for which essential oils to use and how to use them to resolve the issue. This is especially true when you don't have a specific name for the problem. Because of her help, I have gained the confidence to share more of what I have learned. Thank you, April for being my go-to person!" ~ Anita, Salt Lake City, UT "I have suffered from eczema for years. The older I get, the worse it gets. It was so bad I had to quit my job as a consultant. I loved working in retail. I felt like traditional medicine had failed me. Their first line of defense is steroids. I've had shots, pills, ointments, etc...I was so addicted to them that my skin would scream at me if I tried to withdraw from them. I had gone through withdrawals more than once. Not fun. The way I met April was through a friend's invitation to a rollerball event at April's office. I had just come from the dermatologist 's office. It was May & it was hot!! My arms were flared so bad & my back. I didn't think I would be able to stay very long. She offered to scan me. The markers showed the specific oils & supplements that would help me & she suspected I had been exposed to toxic molds & other toxins at work & in my home. Also, she concluded I had a leaky gut. So she began me on a protocol to heal & seal the gut. I had to make a lot of lifestyle changes. The food I ate, juicing, drinking detoxing teas, the water I drank, etc. Everything I was ingesting was making my body acidic. She helped me learn how to make my body more alkaline. Part of her protocol included balance testing which I think is an awesome way for your body to tell you what's wrong with it. The diuretic my PCP had prescribed was causing a breakthrough of the eczema. One of the most fascinating things April offers is foot detoxing. It has been almost a year now & I consider her a dear friend. She is always a text away & has counseled, encouraged & was extremely patient with me. Before April, I had sought help from traditional medicine, naturopaths & a life coach. It was through April's "wholistic" approach that my health is finally getting better. My skin is pretty again. I have been steroid free for months!! Hallelujah!! It also Includes prayer. That's why I say her approach to each client is for their individual needs. It's WHOLISTIC!! I highly recommend April to anyone who is looking for ways to better health through the use of alternative medicine." ~ Sincerely, Rosi, Sante Fe, TX "April is an incredibly passionate woman with a true desire to help others and improve lives through health and wellness. She loves what she does and provides education, healing, and care to all of her clients. Would highly recommend her!" ~ Amber, League City, TX "April is amazing! She is helping me get my body back in balance! She is kind, caring, compassionate, and has a true passion for what she does!!" ~ Kate, Friendswood, TX "April is very caring and knowledgeable. Please seek her out if you are seeking to improve your overall health and wellness." ~ Carrie, Pearland, TX "I love April! She is super sweet and always smiling! Great bedside manner! I suffer from lots of food and environmental allergies, eczema, brain fog, insomnia, the list goes on! I've been foot detoxing with April for almost 2 months now and all I can say is I've been feeling better! Foot detoxing has been a great addition to my transition to a healthier lifestyle! She also gave me a sample of her essential oils and we applied them on me based on my needs during my full evaluation! Thanks April!" ~ Amburlee, League City, TX "I absolutely love working with April! She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to holistic health and she has a heart of gold, truly caring about each and every person she works with. She is always willing to go above and beyond to help others and she inspires me to continue on this amazing journey towards improving my health. I highly recommend working with her!" ~ Shauna, Spring, TX "There was so much good information I received from my first appt with April. It was a bit overwhelming and I'm anxious to follow-up and get more healthy supplements added to my life. The ones she's recommended thus far have me off the iron meds completely; sleeping better at nights; and thinking more clearly. Thank you April for doing what you do and for genuinely caring about your patients. ❤" ~ Deanna, Friendswood, TX
April Ranard,CHLC
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